Services & Solutions

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Our Unique Perspective.

Molly is a downtown retailer, commercial historic property owner, community volunteer, downtown resident, and has worked as a downtown professional for over 30 years.  She understands the multiple perspectives involved in downtown and community revitalization, commercial property ownership, adaptive reuse, historic preservation, cultural arts, parks, public spaces and retail development.  She creates customized approaches to support your project’s success through the multiple points of view she brings to each program and project.

What We Do.

We inspire, create and coach


We can say what you can’t to help build excitement and inspire others to jump on board. 


We create implementable strategies to support vibrant, active, and thriving retail, cultural arts programs, and parks.


We can help you as little or as much as you need to implement your vision.  We have been there and understand the unique challenges you face managing downtown programs and projects, building a successful retail establishment, curating murals and other cultural arts programs, and creating great public spaces.

Solutions & Strategies

  • Forward thinking, thoughtful, and provocative keynote speeches
  • Successful retail strategies
  • Successful, vibrant, and beloved parks
  • Cutting edge cultural arts programming
  • Engaged leadership, dynamic visions

Soledad Fernandez- Whitechurch

“As an artist, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me, and as an Austin citizen, I’m reminded every day of the beauty and meaning you brought to this city. “

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