Imagine the Possibilities

At ITP Consulting, we combine experience, insight, and vision, to build communities of shared value.

Molly Alexander

City Builder, Community Shaper, Imagineer

With over 30 years of experience building communities, solving problems, and driving sustainable change, Molly is your expert-at-hand for your toughest city development and planning challenges.

What People are Saying…


Former State Coordinator, Texas Main Street Program

“I have known and worked with Molly for 30 years. She is a shining star who has led downtown revitalization from small rural America to one of the largest cities in the country. Her unique perspective being a downtown retailer, commercial property owner, community volunteer and downtown practitioner sets her apart. Thank you, Molly!”


DPR Construction and Chairman DAA Foundation Board

“There are few people I know that have the vision to inspire and the leadership and know-how to deliver.  Molly has an exceptional ability to attract the best and brightest minds and empower them to “dream big”.  The real magic is in her ability to create a plan and bring together the resources necessary to take those dreams and make them a reality.  I am forever grateful to have worked with her and cannot wait for our next adventure together.”

Her Solutions…

Imagine a Vibrant Downtown

Vibrant places have ingredients that on their own are interesting but when they come together they create magic. We know that magic when we see and feel it but how do we translate it into action? This is Molly’s specialty – let us help you translate and put vision into action.

Imagine Thriving Retail

Downtowns come to life because of active, vibrant retail experiences. They bring new ideas, products and gathering spaces for the community. Molly’s experience as a retail store owner, downtown property owner and practitioner can help you create the stage for a successful retail district, retail development and retail establishment.

Creating Compelling Human Experiences

Arts and parks bring people together. At their core they create respite and introspection, at their best they create compelling human experiences that pull at our heartstrings. Investment pays off when we create experiences that matter, find out how Molly can help you plan, create and execute world-class places and experiences.

Possibilities Imagined…

Downtown Austin Alliance Foundation Texas Image Colorado River

Molly previously led the Downtown Austin Alliance Foundation

Molly established the Downtown Austin Alliance Foundation in 2019 as the 501(c)(3) nonprofit extension of the Downtown Austin Alliance. The Foundation’s mission is to ignite the potential of downtown—through art and creative spaces that capture the spirit of Austin—by and for everyone.

The Foundation is charged with implementing key projects that support the Downtown Alliance’s vision. That includes holding the park management contract to operate, program and fund Republic Square, as well as leading cultural-based programming in an effort to create transformative human experiences for everyone.

Her Retail Success Stories…

The Owl

Molly and her team built The Owl in 2012 to create a “living room” for the people of Elgin, TX to gather, indulge, and grow as a community.

G&M Dry Goods

Molly and her team built G&M Dry Goods in 2014 to bring new sundries, foods, and textiles to main street Elgin, TX.

Her Thought Leadership…

Molly is an accomplished public speaker, thinker, and advocate for creating communities of shared experience.


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